Hair Extensions Allow You To Change Your Look Without Having To Wait On Your Hair To Grow

If you like to change the look of your hair frequently, but you don't like to wear wigs, then consider having hair extensions put in. If you want the extensions to last a while and be durable enough for swimming and sleeping, then you'll need extensions put in at a hair salon rather than using clip-on extensions you put on yourself. Here's why you might enjoy wearing extensions and what to know about how they're applied.

Hair Extensions Give You Longer Hair

Extensions can make your hair much longer. If you have a hard time growing your hair long, or if long hair bothers you once you have it, then extensions can give you the length you want temporarily. Extensions that are applied permanently look natural and they last for weeks. They're a good option when you want to change your style for a new look, but you want your hair to look natural.

Extensions can be repositioned and tightened, so you might get tired of long hair before the extensions are due to come out. In that case, you can have the hair cut shorter if you like, so you can try various lengths of hair until you need to remove the extensions permanently.

Hair Extensions Can Make Short Hair Thicker

You may prefer your hair short, but you might be unhappy because your hair is so thin. In that case, the hair salon can put in short extensions that make your hair fuller rather than longer. Extensions are put in using small strands of hair clumped together so the salon can put in strands of different shades to give your hair highlights and to make it look more natural.

Thicker hair has more bounce and can be styled easier. Plus, it may even make you look younger or more attractive, since the hair can frame your face and complement your complexion and eyes. Using extensions for fuller hair can make it easier to go through medical procedures or to take medications that affect your hair. You may need to talk to a hairstylist to make sure your hair is long enough and strong enough for attaching the extensions.

Hair Extensions Can Last For Months

Although you may need to have them tightened periodically, quality hair extensions can last for weeks or months. You can find extensions for just about any budget, since you can choose synthetic or human hair extensions in different lengths. The attachment method affects the cost too, since it could take hours to have extensions put in by hand. Talk to your stylist so you understand the different ways extensions are put in and how you care for them.

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If you like to change the look of your hair frequently, but you don't like to wear wigs, then consider having hair extensions put in. If you want the